Meet the RSR Staff

Joining the RSR Camp Staff

Thank you for your interest in working on the RSR Summer Camp Staff. Working at any camp can be a great opportunity, but working at RSR can be a life changing experience! RSR has a reputation for having some of the most professional, skilled, and energetic staff in the business. 


Applicants for the 2016 RSR Summer Camp Staff must read the following descriptions and dates before completing the online application, which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. 


Camp Position Descriptions


Instructor – Our instructors work directly with our campers each day. Instructors from the various program areas are assigned merit badges to teach each day. Beyond their teaching assignments, instructors work to host various activities in their program areas under the direction of an Area Director. Instructors, also called counselors, are the “boots on the ground” and make up the bulk of the RSR staff. Applicants for most instructor positions must be at least 15 years of age.


Area Director – RSR Area Directors are the camp’s mid-management team. Each program area described below is managed by an Area Director. Applicants for these positions teach classes, while also directly overseeing their program area. During the off-season, Area Directors work with the camp administration team to develop plans for the summer. During the summer, area directors supervise their staff, provide coaching and feedback to the instructors and CITs, and instruct merit badge classes. Applicants for area director positions must be at least 18 years of age and should have some experience in leadership or management roles.


Camp Administration – RSR is led each summer by the “Key 3.” This refers to the Camp Director, Program Director, and Camp Commissioner. These positions, while seasonal, demand involvement with the summer program all year. The Camp Director works to develop a mission and vision for the camp, oversees matters relating to the health and safety of all campers, visitors, staff, and guests. In addition, the Camp Director works to recruit, select, and train the staff each summer. He or she works closely with the council leadership to develop new programs, features, and facilities at RSR. Next, the Program Director works to develop all aspects of programming during the summer including merit badge schedules and lesson plans, fun and open time activities, camp-wide games, and much more. The Program Director also helps in the selection and placement of staff members. Third, the Camp Commissioner works to support the program, staff, and campers in any way they need. This can include support in terms of logistics, guidance, counseling, and much more. The Commissioner also works closely with helping units to have an enjoyable experience through campsite visitations and adult leader trainings. Applicants for Camp and Program Director must 21 and Commissioner Applicants must be 18.



Program and Service Staff Descriptions


Aquatics at RSR features all things related to water sports. This area is centered at Long Lake and features teaching skills such as swimming and lifesaving. In addition to the swimming component, the Aquatics staff teaches canoeing, rowing, and kayaking. Aquatics staff should have experience with water sports or be strong swimmers. Certification as a lifeguard is not required but encouraged. Applicants for aquatics must be at least 16 years of age.


COPE / climbing staff work in area that challenges scouts on a whole new level. Our COPE department teaches personal fitness and climbing merit badges in the morning, while leading participants through the COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) program in the afternoon. This program challenges scouts both on an individual level and group level. The COPE staff work to help scouts grow and mature during their time at camp. Applicants should have some experience with rock climbing, COPE programs, team building games, or other similar group activities.


Counselor in Training (CIT) is a position for first year staffers. Serving as a volunteer for the summer, CIT’s have the option of selecting 2-3 program areas where they will “learn the ropes” of staffing at RSR. As a CIT, you will have the opportunity to learn what it is like to be on staff while also proving yourself for when you apply for a paid position the following summer. CIT’s will work on their teaching skills, be assigned a mentor, and work closely with instructors all summer.


The Dining Hall is often the center of camp, as campers pass through the hall 3 times a day! Camp cooks and assistant camp cooks work to develop a menu for the summer, order food, and prepare meals all summer. The front of the dining hall is managed by the Dining Hall Steward. The staff is assisted by several kitchen aides, who work to help prepare meals, clean the hall, and ensure no one leaves hungry.


The Ecology-Conservation area at RSR, known as Eco-Con, is a nature education center at camp. The Eco-Con staff work to develop programs centered on our environment. Included in this area are badges such as Environmental Science, Nature, Reptile and Amphibian Study, and much more. Beyond badges, the Eco-Con staff hosts star gazing, astronomy activities, edible ecology, and much more.


Pathfinders is the first-year camper program. Working in Pathfinders is high energy and fast paced. All scouts attending camp for their first year are enrolled in this program. Staff work with scouts on the basics scouting skills while also introducing them to patrol method, a pillar of scouting. The skills taught in this area include cooking, first aid, swimming, and woodcarving. Staff enjoy helping scouts transition into the Boy Scouting program.


Scoutcraft at RSR is host to all the scouting basics. Orienteering, cooking, first aid, camping, pioneering, and wilderness survival are the most popular subject areas; with art, search and rescue, emergency preparedness, safety, and other merit badges to follow suit. In the free time slot, Scoutcraft often hosts the teaching of both the Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit, as well as Leave No Trace seminars and Trek Safely trainings.


Our Order of the Arrow Commissioner is the point-person for all matters related to the Order of the Arrow at RSR. This includes but is not limited to organizing call-out ceremony, educating the camp on the role of the Order, helping to coordinate the ordeal at camp, and much more. Applicants should be well versed in the Order of the Arrow and should be a member of Waupecan Lodge.


The Service Commissioner is RSR’s “handyman” for the summer. This position is charged with helping maintain facilities during the summer, offer support to the program areas, and work closely with the Camp Ranger to ensure a clean and functional facility during the season. Applicants should have some experience with power tools and basic experience with general repairs.